• Composition (Ballet, Concertos/Symphonic Music, Functional Music, Electronic Music, Experimental Music, Theatre, Multimedia, Audiobook, Music for Sports, Movies/TV, Orchestra, Piano/Organ/Solo Instruments, Chamber, Voices)

  • Arrangement/Orchestration (Symphonic Orchestra, String Orchestra, Chamber; Piano reductions)

  • Music notation and editing, digital orchestra mock-ups (for: Ballet, Theatre, Multimedia)

  • Piano recitals (solo, chamber, solo with orchestra)

  • Lectures (Music Theory, Music&Brain, Piano&Brain, Music&Neuroscience, Ballet, Music&Visual Arts)

  • Dramaturgy (Ballet, Dance, Theatre, Radio, Multimedia; writing ballet-librettos)

  • Consulting (Ballet and Theater/Music: Choreographers, Composers, Dramaturgs, Directors, Orchestras, Musicians, Conductors, Ballet-Companies, Theatre Managers, Artistic Directors)