Opera in one act

Idea, Music: Oliver Peter Graber - Text: Roald Hoffmann
Stage Design: Karoline Hogl

ADA: (Reads from book) Pour the distilled spirits out of the globe into a large separating funnel which at the small end is strong and hath a cork fitted exactly to it.
ALGORITHMS: Ada, oh Ada, what are you reading?
ADA: Shush, guys, it’s our father, the great Newton. (She goes on.) Let it stand a few hours and there will separate a reddish water from an oiley substance. Take out the cork to let the reddish water.
ALGORITHMS: Ada, oh Ada, we don’t have a father. And that is not the great Newton we know, of orbits and planets and the calculus.
(1st Scene)

Roald Hoffmann

CO – Carbon Monoxide or Chemical Opera?

fascinates, be it in science or the arts, for at its core is essential change.

The text of the opera introduces the audience to the exciting world of an ambitious young woman chemist, her friend, a male futuristic painter, and an older colleague, a maker of molecules. All are intent on changing the world, while a supercomputer guards humanity, and is itself transformed in the process.

With contemporary audio-technology, chemical data can be transformed into sound and musical structure: The “orchestra of atoms” is made up of supporting strings and piano.

Alchemy’s synaesthesia transforms the stage.

Oliver Peter Graber

(C) Oliver Peter Graber - All rights reserved

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